TrionTotte Fitness Products

We at TrionTotte® think from the standpoint of the user and customer satisfaction is our main focus. Our products and services have won us many partners who are delighted to be working with us.

We work directly with sports clubs, professional players, coaches, sports scientists, nutritionists and Physiotherapists to develop products that are formulated for the exact needs of sportspersons. So that we can help players fix on-pitch issues like fatigue, energy, rehydration, strength and conditioning.

 We supply nutrition under MYPROFUEL™ Brand, Fitness and physiotherapy products under TrionTotte® Brand. We are also the sole distributor of Beam Trainer Timing Gates in India.

We have also partnered with LED suppliers in the UK to provide  AV support for sports stadiums in India and abroad.

Please feel free to contact us if you need the products for your club.Email: support@triontotte.com

 Nutrition Testing

SAFE FOR SPORTS [Our In-house Programme ] Testing support provided by LGC Group UK. All our Nutrition products are custom tested for banned substances and are safe for the use of sports persons.

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